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Should I Settle My Case?

At every stage of litigation, a client should be aware of the possibility of settling a case rather than resorting to a trial. A trial can be stressful, costly and full of uncertainty. A trial requires attention and work from a client, as well as witness preparation. While a trial places the outcome of a […]

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The Power Of A Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a powerful document. It gives a person (Agent or Attorney-in-Fact) the authority to act on behalf of another (Principal). Its purpose is to notify third parties that the Principal has given the Agent authority to act on the Principal’s behalf in certain situations. APower of Attorney can be limited in […]

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Municipal Property Tax Appeals: It Must Be On Your Financial Planning Radar Each & Every Year

If you were to make a pie chart of your fixed expenses, municipal real estate taxes would more than likely encompass a sizable portion of that pie. However, with State and Federal governmental grants to the municipality on the decline, local government has no choice but to turn to its municipal property tax assessment to […]

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Commercial Property Owners Beware – Municipal Annual Demand For Income Is For Real

New Jersey Property owners, who have income producing properties such as commercial establishments, may desire to file a municipal tax appeal in these difficult economic times. A taxpayer, however, prior to doing so, must examine its records and be sure to respond to any and all mailings received from the municipal tax assessor’s office. Failure […]

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Small Business Primer

Question: What do “business lawyers” do? Answer: Here’s the right question: What do good business lawyers do? And before we answer that: What is a small business? Small business is a relative term. A small business is the coffee shop around the corner, and it’s also a company with fifty million dollars or more in […]

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