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Paramus Blue Laws Suspended Temporarily- Judge Rules in Favor of County Executive Kathleen Donovan

Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan was successful today in obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order, which restrains temporarily Paramus from “forbidding or precluding any business activity on any Sunday” or otherwise enforcing the Borough’s Blue Laws until such time as Governor Chris Christie rescinds his order or upon a final hearing on the matter. In a […]

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Does the Consumer Fraud Act apply in Landlord Tenant matters?

In an unpublished decision just out this week entited, Street v. Hothem, App Div A-5077-10T3,  the Appellate Division reaffirmed that the Consumer Fraud Act can apply to the landlord/tenant relationship.  The case dealt with a landlord’s violations of the Truth in Renting Act.  The Truth in Renting Act provides, in part, that “No landlord shall […]

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How much interest can I be charged?

Parties in New Jersey are permitted to charge relatively high rates of interest in many transactions.  In the state, there are two separate types of usury, civil and criminal.  The levels of interest rates constituting civil and criminal usury, and the exceptions thereto, are governed by separate statutes. Civil usury rates in New Jersey are […]

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Township of Lyndhurst’s tax assessment upheld!

Kenneth A. Porro, Esq., a Partner practicing in our Litigation Department, successfully represented our firm’s client, the  Township of Lyndhurst on a tax appeal involving a commercial condominium office building. In a New Jersey Tax Court opinon issued by the Presiding Judge of the Tax Court, the Township’s assessed value was upheld when the Court determined at […]

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Purpose and Scope of New Jersey’s Offer of Judgment Rule

 The Offer of Judgment Rule is a mechanism useful to both Plaintiffs and Defendants in order to leverage settlement of cases in New Jersey.  There are, however, several limitations as to the Rule’s applicability.  In the case of Crudup v. Marrero, 57 N.J. 353 (1971), the New Jersey Supreme Court explained that the rules permitting […]

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Consumer Fraud Act

          As attorneys who represent both individual and corporate clients, we view New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act as a double-edged sword.  If you are an individual consumer, New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act has bestowed upon you an avenue to seek damages (triple damages) if you have been the victim of “any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, […]

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Lead Paint

A Landlord’s Lament:  Lead Paint           In January of 2008, the New Jersey Legislature passed a law, which has been codified as N.J.S.A. 46:8-28.5, requiring lead paint inspection to tenant-occupied single or two family residential properties, including two-family properties in which one unit is owner-occupied.  This requires landlords of these units to register with the […]

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