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Workplace Privacy and E-mail

The growing proliferation of new technologies in the workplace, such as voice messaging, fax and electronic mail, have created an entirely new area of concern for both employees and employers: the balance between an employer’s ownership rights v. employee’s privacy rights. This issue comes up most often in the context of electronic mail or “E-Mail”.E-mail […]

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Life Insurance Trusts to Avoid Taxes

As, you probably know, life insurance proceeds are not taxable for income tax purposes. However, these proceeds are taxable for Federal Estate Tax Purposes. Unfortunately, this causes many families to suffer unexpected financial burdens after the death of a loved one because Federal Estate Taxes are approximately 50% on all assets over $600,000.00. For example, […]

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Agreements Not to Compete: Look Before You Leap

Many employers are requiring their employees to sign Agreements Not to Compete, or “Restrictive Covenants.” In the past, an employer had little recourse when a high-level, trusted employee “jumped ship” to a competitor, taking with him or her valuable information and/or customers. At one time, restrictive covenants were flatly outlawed. Today, restrictive covenants are a […]

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Blowing the Whistle in the Workplace

In recent years, “whistleblower” statutes have grown in national prominence. New Jersey’s whistleblower statute, called the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA), N.J.S.A. 34:19-1 et seq., is a comprehensive statutory enactment. It applies to both private and public employment situations. The statute makes it unlawful for employers to take adverse employment action, including termination, against employees […]

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