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Is Your Non-Profit Well Run?

Non-profits come in all sizes. Many of the largest employers in any given area are legally non-profits…consider area hospitals and colleges. There are also thousands of smaller non-profits ranging from those with a very specific and active purpose, a social service provider, a community mental health agency, a library foundation, a service club or its […]

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It’s (Still) the Economy Stupid!

It was way back in 1992, when James Carville, then an advisor to then candidate President Clinton in his first campaign, coined the famous phrase, “It’s the Economy Stupid!” The premise then was that no matter what else the voters were talking about, in the end it was really the “economy” they cared about most, […]

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Benefit Corporations

Recently, New Jersey became the third state to enact legislation authorizing the creation of “Benefit Corporations.” A Benefit Corporation is “for profit,” but at the same time it promotes performance accountability and transparency, and is designed to achieve a “public benefit.” Vermont and Virginia have also enacted similar legislation, and many other states are considering […]

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It’s Still The Economy, Stupid!

Experts are telling us the recession is over, and it very likely is, at least by the numbers. Eight months ago, I predicted unemployment would reach ten-percent. Now, with just a couple tenths of a point to go, I am less sure, but still think it will go to about that number, and only then […]

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It’s the Economy… Stupid!

Actually, it turns out what is stupid is to try and write an article about the economy right now. As I prepared for our periodic Legal Update about a month ago, I wrote an article to follow up on my article last year, providing a primer on sub-prime mortgages and the affect that they have […]

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How about a “L3C”?

An exciting new concept was recently born in the State of Vermont, where our firm also has an office. Vermont is the first of the 50 states to allow low profit limited liability companies to organize as a “L3C.” The basic purpose of a L3C is to signal foundations and other 501(c)(3) qualified donors that […]

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