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Zoning – Whose Job is it Anyway?

In New Jersey, there is a well-established principle in land use jurisprudence, that zoning should be done by ordinance, and not by variance. Nonetheless, every day throughout the State, municipal planning boards, and municipal zoning boards of adjustment, hear applications made by property owners seeking relief from zoning ordinances. The relief requested is typically a […]

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It’s About Time

Imagine that you are back in school. You have taken a particular class or course for the whole year, semester or whatever, and you have prepared thoroughly for your final exam. You carefully selected this course, paid your tuition, invested countless hours studying, bought books and materials, and attended classes. On exam day, you get […]

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Until Death Do Us Part

“Until Death Do Us Part”, an expression most often heard in wedding vows. But did you know that the concept also applies to a jury verdict for commission of fraud and conspiracy? Lawyers for Kenneth Lay successfully argued to a US District Judge that Lay’s conviction for fraud and conspiracy in the Enron case should […]

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Religious Resurrection

As most of the readers of our Legal Update know, WJ&L, LLP has had the good fortune to assist many civic and other not-for-profit entities with their business and legal affairs, including real estate and zoning matters. Within this group of clients, there are many religious institutions. On September 22nd of this year a new […]

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Is It An Unauthorized Practice of Law? Should a Real Estate Professional Prepare a Contract?

Can a licensed real estate salesperson or broker prepare contracts and leases relating to commercial properties in New Jersey without violating the general proscriptions against non-lawyers engaging in the practice of law? The New Jersey Real Estate Commission has asked the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on the unauthorized practice of law to consider this […]

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