A Word From Our Managing Partner …. Stuart D. Liebman

This is an exciting time to be the Managing Partner of Wells, Jaworski & Liebman. This year, our Firm is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. I have been the Managing Partner for the past 10 years. Tom Wells is the founding Partner of the Firm and served as Managing Partner for our first 10 years.
From 1986 through 2006, our world has changed in dramatic ways. Everyone reading this issue of Legal Update should be able to recall the time before the Internet, cellular phones, and September 11, 2001. Throw in Black Monday in October of 1987, and Y2K, and if you are like me, you wonder “how did we fit all of that in during a mere 20 years?”

WJ&L has also undergone many changes throughout this period of time. We have grown to become a Law Firm of 13 Attorneys plus Paralegals and other support staff. We have worked hard to do the best job possible for our clients in a professional and highly competent manner, and we have had the good fortune to achieve success in meeting this goal.

While our Firm has evolved at the frenetic pace that our business environment has mandated during these past 20 years, we are proud to note that we have also sustained our ongoing commitment to practice law in a civil and collegial fashion, while enjoying a work environment with a familial staff. And as always, we proudly maintain our strong commitment to civic endeavors and activities. We count our civic stature in our various work and life communities as one of our many strengths.

This edition of Legal Update provides you with news on our most recent accomplishments, along with articles covering a variety of topics which we hope you will find interesting and helpful. You will read about changes in some of the procedural aspects of Real Estate Law in New Jersey. You will also find useful information regarding unintended consequences in Estate Planning; what to watch out for when paying contractors; and protection against identity theft. From our growing commercial banking group you will read about the new banking environment. And from our rapidly growing and developing litigation group, you will find information regarding the latest electronic discovery as well as the landmark decisions coming out of the Ocean Dunes litigation.

In our Noteworthy column, we proudly introduce our two newest associates, Andrew Kohut and Anthony Bocchi. As I said at the outset, this is an exciting time to be the Managing Partner of WJ&L. Thank you for being part of our first 20 years, we look forward to sharing the next 20 together,
and beyond.

Stuart D. Liebman is a Partner of Wells, Jaworski & Liebman and practices actively in the Land Use and Real Estate areas.

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