Shop Rite Approved Unanimously in Wyckoff!

Jim Jaworski, Esq., (Administrative Partner who actively practices in the firm’s Land Use Department) is pleased to announce that after more than 2 years and 30 something Planning Board hearings, 3 Design Review Commission meetings and 4 or 5 Shade Tree Commission meetings, the Site Plan for Wyckoff Shop Rite was unanimously approved on November 26 by the Township Planning Board.  This was a long, hard fought battle with competitors Stop & Shop and the owners of the Stop & Shop site objecting at every turn.  In the end, every Planning Board member made it crystal clear that they did not accept the alleged ‘concerns’ raised by the Stop & Shop objectors.  Rather, the Planning Board members noted appreciation for all the efforts made by the applicant’s principal, Mr. Inserra and his team of professionals, including Lapatka Associates’ Andy Missey, Planner Peter Steck, Architect Thomas Ashbahian and traffic Engineer Jay Troutman to bring life to a long abandoned site in a way that showed respect for the residents across Greenwood Avenue and the entire Township.

We anticipate  the battle may not yet be over, as it is highly likely Stop & Shop considers litigation as the next step to delaying the inevitable: Shop Rite in Wyckoff!

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