Partner Jim Jaworski Leads the Way as Ramsey Auto Group Receives Conditional Approval for Volvo Addition

Jim Jaworski was recently quoted in a recent write-up on last week’s decision by the Ramsey Planning Board to approved a 1,204-foot addition to a Volvo dealership owned by the Ramsey Auto Group, pending action on a water easement and an investigation into another.

In response to citizen inquiries on the plans, Planning Board attorney Bruce Whitaker stated the easement is located in the back of the building at 505 Route 17 south and is a non-issue. While concerns are that it will be used by trucks to unload vehicles, [Jim] Jaworski said, it has never been used in this manner and Ramsey Auto Group “has not proposed to use it in this manner.”

According to Jaworski, all requested amendments to the site plan have been fulfilled or will be fulfilled.

“This is a project that was cleared by the Department of Transportation,” Jaworski said. “The access easement in the front of the building will be adjusted from 12 feet to 18 feet and the buffer zone in the rear will be increased by 10 feet as well.”

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