Firm Announcement: Jim Jaworski Succeeds in Pro Bono Efforts on Behalf of St. Paul’s RCC in Ramsey

WJL is very pleased to advise that Jim Jaworski succeeded in pro bono efforts on behalf of St. Paul’s RCC in Ramsey for signage variance approvals.  Due to numerous members of the Zoning Board recusing themselves as St. Paul’s parishioners, in a bit of an obscure Municipal Land Use Law circumstance, Planning Board members joined with Zoning Board members to create a consolidated Board capable of acting on the application.  After about an hour of oral presentation with no witnesses, the combined Board voted unanimously in favor of the application to replace the destroyed static reader board sign with a new L.E.D. illuminated sign.  With this sign being the very first L.E.D. sign in Ramsey, some new ground was broken with this approval.

 Jim previously worked with St. Paul’s, also on a pro bono basis, with their significant application to add a full sized gymnasium to the school. 

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