Bergen County Courthouse Update: Nine New Judges Nominated to Superior Court

An often heard complaint of people who are in need of access to the courts, whether they are sued or wish to sue, is that the wheels of justice spin slowly, if at all.  The school of thought has, for a long time, been that a law suit filed today will not be heard by a judge for years.  In the interim, the expense, inefficiency and bureaucracy often make the system frustrating and intimidating.

Well, hopefully, times are changing in Bergen County.  Just last week, the New Jersey Senate confirmed Governor Christie’s nomination of nine new judges to the Superior Court.  While the division assignments for the new judges have not yet been officially announced, the addition of so many new judges will go a long way towards lessening the frustration of the system.

Recently, Bergen County’s Assignment Judge, the Honorable Peter E. Doyne, A.J.S.C., placed a moratorium on any civil trial that would potentially last more than two weeks.  With the new judges soon on the bench, we can now hope that the wheels of justice will spin at a more consistent and steady pace.

– Darrell M. Felsenstein

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