Adult Day Care Centers

Adult Day Care Centers

Well, we have all heard of Child Day Care Centers. In fact the NJ legislature has deemed it so important that it is considered a “permitted use “ in all non-residential Zones throughout New Jersey.  The State has deemed that the Child Day Care Centers represent a significant benefit to the public at large, providing an avenue for working parents to have their children placed in a safe learning and social environment during the day.  The Legislature has not yet recognized the value of a new and upcoming trend in Adult Day Care Centers, for that group of Seniors who might live with their Adult children. The same concept as Child Day Care applies: the only difference is it is the kids going to work, and the parents needing a stimulating social environment on a daily basis with their peers in a NON-institutional setting. We are in the midst of presenting an application before the Midland Park Zoning Board of Adjustment , seeking use variance approval to allow such a center. We return in April and have our fingers crossed for a successful outcome. Stay Tuned!

– James J. Delia, Esq.

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