WMF Prepares for its Annual Trip to Haiti Partnering with the YMCA

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Tom Wells and Jim Delia prepare for their annual trip to Haiti to deliver donated goods and services to its people as part of WJL and the Wells Mountain Foundation. The picture above (top) was taken at the warehouse where the goods were prepared and loaded for send off (bottom) to arrive at the shores of Haiti several months from today.  At the end of the day, the container was packed with goods ranging from doors and windows to baseball bats and helmets to canned goods and other nonperishables.  These efforts on behalf of WJL and the Wells Mountain Foundation are demonstrative of its philanthropic dedication to the people of Haiti and the YMCA.

Shown from top left to right: Jordyn Wells, Jim Jaworski, Michael Jaworski, Mark Balian, Jim Delia, Tom Wells (bottom left), Ken Porro, and Dan Granatell.

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