Noteworthy Fall 2013

This edition of the Noteworthy column is going to follow the old adage….“A good picture is worth 1,000 words,” and keep the words to a minimum, but give you lots of pictures to look at.
First, just a few words, since our last edition our firm welcomed Mark S. Balian to our Tax, Trust, and Estate practice. More about Mark in the article on the TT&E practice. Mark has been a great addition to our firm, practicing mostly in Tax, Trusts, and Estates, but also in the Business and Commercial departments. He expansively lists his areas of focus as Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation, Business and Commercial transactions, Commercial Real Estate, leases, acquisitions, mergers, dissolutions, and private business compliance and guidance. Yes, he can do all of that! Just last week, Mark announced his engagement to girlfriend, Adriana Angeles. Great things ahead for Mark.

Partner, Ken Porro, who is our lead attorney in the Litigation Department, was recently appointed Secretary to the New Jersey State Bar Association Local Government Section. He is also a General Council Delegate to the New Jersey State Bar Association 2013-2014.

Partner, Jim Jaworski, has just completed 9 years on the Board of Directors of West Bergen Mental Healthcare, and has now agreed to serve as a Trustee in the same organization.

Partner, Tom Wells, did the same with the YMCABoard of Directors, and continues as a Trustee, coming up on….could it be….20 years in that position? Tom is working pro bono, as one of the ways our firm gives back to the community, like to help area nonprofits start up. Typically, our firm donates legal services to the new non-profit, and Tom stays on the Board of Directors for a year to get the governance straightened away. Most recently, he is beginning to work with the Village of Ridgewood Police Department to set up its own Foundation. Far afield, Tom has joined his most exotic Board of Directors ever, agreeing to be only the second in history non-Haitian serving on the Board of Directors of the YMCA D’Haiti. Many of you know that Tom travels to Haiti frequently, and has agreed to attend at least two of the four Annual Meetings of the Board of Directors in person, so will now be going at least twice a year no matter what.

We have had some really exciting developments on the home front in recent months. Associate Andy Kohut and his wife, Allie, welcomed Emerson Jane on October 20, 2012.

Recently, Associate Nicole Russak and her husband, Brad, welcomed Brooke Maya on May 13, 2013.

Since Emmie and Brooke’s pictures are now on our office refrigerator, Adelle Frost II, who does not qualify as a baby anymore, is high up there on the “cuteness scale,” so we also added her picture. Adelle is the daughter of Associate, Sylvia Hall.

It did not seem right to do a picture edition, without adding to this edition of Legal Update, a picture of all of our attorneys. We take one every year or two so that we can update the website, but for those of you who do not visit the website regularly, here it is in print.

Front row, left to right: James E. Jaworski, Thomas M. Wells, Stuart D. Liebman. Back row, left to right: Lisa R. Aljian, Andrew S. Kohut, Kenneth A. Porro, Sylvia Hall, Spencer J. Rothwell, Mark S. Balian, James J. Delia, Darrell M. Felsenstein and Nicole E. Russak

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