ShopRite Coming to Wyckoff – FINALLY

We are extremely pleased to celebrate with our client, Inserra Supermarkets, that one of our long-standing development projects is nally about to commence construction. Filed back in the Fall of 2009(!!), the application of Inserra Supermarkets, Inc. was unanimously approved by the Wyckoff Planning Board after an incredible 38 public hearings. The Resolution of Approval that was adopted in February, 2013 exceeded 60 pages.

The competitor, Stop & Shop, along with the adjacent Boulder Run property owner, objected and led suit to attempt to overturn the approval of Wyckoff. Included among their arguments was the almost comical assertion that a supermarket was not allowed to be built on the site where THEY, Stop & Shop, built a supermarket back in the late 1960’s. At the Superior Court level, Judge Meehan threw out several counts of the objector’s Complaint on Summary Judgment and ultimately dismissed the entire case after trial. The objectors then appealed Judge Meehan’s decision to the New Jersey Appellate Division. After a prolonged wait, the matter was argued and finally decided completely in favor of Inserra on August 18, 2016. Although there was concern that an

appeal might be led to the New Jersey Supreme Court, the time to do so has recently passed.

All of us at WJ&L are delighted to be a small part of bringing the family owned and operated Inserra Supermarkets’ Shop Ritebrand to Wyckoff Township.

James E. Jaworski is a Partner at Wells, Jaworski & Liebman, who practices primarily in the Land Use and Real Estate areas.

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